About Us

World Energy was founded in 2004 to develop and sell energy-saving instruments, including absorption heat pumps for retrieving waste heat and absorption chillers like Double Lift Low-temperature Hot Water Driven Absorption Chillers for district cooling, and Low-temperature Hot water driven Absorption Chillers for cogeneration. The company possesses international level technology for developing, designing and manufacturing absorption chillers and refrigeration equipment and develops, produces and supplies products targeting domestic and global markets.

Regarding district cooling and heating business, World Energy has been involved in various forms of cooperation with district heat suppliers, including Korea District Heating Corp., and engineer organizations like Korean Association of Air Conditioning, Refrigerating and Sanitary Engineers in the fields of development of new technology and institutional improvement of products.

World Energy a company which is developing new technology and new products related to absorption chillers, has been receiving requests from domestic and foreign firms selling absorption Chillers to develop new goods or technology for articles made through applying such technology and to design products. All members of the company will do their best to ultimately improve levels of the nation’s air-conditioning technology and absorption Chillers to international levels.

All workers of World Energy try to develop and product articles meeting domestic or international standards of technology and quality. They will make the utmost efforts to supply articles with performance and durability satisfying customers or articles whose credible operation is guaranteed.

All executives and employees will work sincerely to provide technology and, furthermore, instruments to greatly save expensive energy in this era of high oil prices, to improve the management profits of clients, to enhance the nation’s international competitiveness and to contribute to the protection and improvement of the environment. We wish all of our customers to be healthy and happy all the time.

Thank you very much.

All workers of World Energy