Automatic Purge System

Construct the mechanical & control stability of the automatic purge system by actual operation research!

During normal operation of the absorption chiller, non-condensable gas from the inside chiller is gathered in the purge tank and must be purged by operating a purge pump. The existing purging method was manual purge after checking the non-condensable gas pressure with the manometer time to time. However, the automatic purge system by World Energy is that if the pressure of non-condensable gas in the purge tank rises over a certain pressure, the gas is purged automatically. This purge system help an operator maintain the chiller simply and operate it more effectively by keeping the best vacuum condition.

Features of Auto Purge Smart Control System

Purge pump and automatic valve on/off.
When the purge pump reaches the setting pressure, it automatically discharges non-condensable gas to operate the chiller in optimum conditions.
Alarm function for the purge Pump abnormal operation
When the purge pump is operating abnormally, the operator is provided malfunction information promptly to take quick action.
Alarm function for automatic leak detection.
When the chiller is leaking, the operator is provided the leakage information to take initial prevention, it helps extend the chiller’s life-time and operate it optimally.

World Energy’s automatic purge system, makes zero leak potential!

A diaphragm is a key part that determines the performance of the valve and makes the valve maintain reliable operation.
World Energy's diaphragm is custom-designed for thickness and material to fit automatic purge system. As a result of long-term research, it has been developed an optimal closing condition and succeeded in realizing 0% leak potential when the valve was closed.
Manual / automatic purge can be selected depending on the situation
It is possible to be manual / automatic mode depending on the situation, secure the administrator’s convenience with simple control.
Automatic closing function in case of blackout.
The valve controller has a spring return function that automatically closes the valve in case of blackout, so emergency power is not required.
High safety with using welded-joint type diaphragm valve
Not a screwed-joint solenoid valve with high risk of leakage, but applied the welded-joint type diaphragm valve with excellent airtightness to secure reliability.
Accurately controllable actuator
Provide durability and safety using world-class actuator, accurately controllable actuator.